The Need for Comprehensive Wrap Around Support | A Conversation

Yesterday, Edmonton's key figures, including Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and MP Kate Osamor, convened in the aftermath of a tragic murder of a 16-year-old. Community leaders, educators, and the youth shared pressing insights and perspectives with top officials. Their voices highlighted the need for stronger support for our children and young people in Enfield, emphasizing the urgency for action. Building on this, we plan to organize a more detailed meeting later this month.


Everyone agreed on one big idea: children and young people need to find help and support not just at home, but also from understanding, trustworthy adults in other parts of their lives. We all think that services should share stories about people from Edmonton who've done positive things, to show young people  that they can do it too! One young person emphasised the importance of leaving a lasting and positive impact on C&YP that extends beyond the provision of services for a specific time frame.

Please watch this short video summary of what Young People and Community Leaders had to say in light of recent the recent tragic event and also the Mayor's goals and perspective:

Aiming for a safer and more supportive Enfield for our children and young people (C&YP), we propose establishing programmes in key hotspot areas throughout the borough, especially during critical school travel times. Leading this initiative will be respected and trusted adults from local partner networks, including those connected with schools, ECP, Youth Service, and more. With adequate funding and a community-driven approach, our goal would be to create an environment where Edmonton's children and young people are surrounded by care and support on all sides, contributing to their safety and wellbeing.

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