Health Heroes Unite


Launching in 2024 this one-year project builds on work done by the Eastern European Hub and #Whatif, recognising that health is an underlying factor for all of our families and accessing services can be challenging. Many of our families cannot register with a GP or a dentist; many only use the NHS when it is an emergency; some fly to their home countries for healthcare taking time off work/school to do so.

ECP, along with a range of partners who are still being confirmed, will coordinate a series of health events in ECP schools and the wider Enfield community to engage families, ask them what they need, connect them with services and information and register them with GPs. These events will be attended by health professionals looking to connect with the communities and to support residents to look after their health and wellbeing. This is a partnership between healthcare and the community, facilitated by our team.

These events will target vulnerable communities who engage with our outreach team and other 'hard to reach' communities with support of other local organisations.

We will also run a series of youth events, co-produced by local youth services and overseen by our experienced facilitator Shae Eccleston, to understand what our younger communities need and how they access health information and identify any barriers they experience.

All of our learnings will help the NHS to shape their local services.

Following these events ECP will manage a limited fund which can be applied to by other groups or schools to run their own health events, allowing them to focus on what they feel is most important whether it's preventative care, opportunities to run some exercise or healthy eating classes or hold a community meeting.

Our main Health Hero Unite coordinator is Saray Karakus.

For further information please contact [email protected]



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