N18 Rising (The Benched Collective)


This project, funded by The National Lottery began at the end of 2023 and will run for three years.

The Benched Collective is a series of workshops supporting young people aged 14-21 to develop an interest and learn some new skills. So many of our young people in Edmonton lack aspiration, have low social mobility and are tempted or coerced into crime. They are not able to access quality work experience and cannot afford to attend extra-curricular activities.  This project seeks to address this situation and offer some insights into creative industries including theatre, journalism, music, radio and podcast production.

Positively engaging these young people and offering them skills is expected to inspire them to work harder at school, to think more about their futures and to occupy them outside of school in a positive activity - keeping them safe and improving their wellbeing. This project will target young people from minority ethnic groups - black, Asian and Gypsy/Roma who can feel excluded and isolated and often leave school with lower outcomes than their peers. 

The workshops will run for 20-25 weeks per year for 3 years and be delivered in partnership with the London Emek Theatre group, Whitestar Academy FC (doing media content creation) and the DJ MC Academy.  Managed Ape Media LTD.


Edmonton Community Partnership

Edmonton County Secondary School (Bury Campus) 

Little Bury Street, Edmonton, London, N9 9JZ


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