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The Stronger Edmonton project utilises a multi-agency approach to support young people in Edmonton at risk of or already involved in the early stages of criminal activity. Through a partnership of local organisations and individuals, we propose a programme of in-school and extracurricular activities that will allow young people to learn new skills, express themselves in new ways and receive tailored mental health & wellbeing support.

We offer a range of creative arts workshops delivered by The British DJ & MC Academy and Blingwear Arts, from graffiti to self-expression through music. We offer chess clubs to young people enhancing their strategic planning, cognitive abilities and memory utilisation. We feel young people need the best quality support when planning their career, so we offer in-depth video production or journalism sessions and football skills sessions. Working in Stronger Edmonton will be our Youth Mentors who aim to support the children’s mental health and wellbeing through individual and group sessions. These sessions aim to encourage young people to talk about their feelings and behaviour while asked to break down how their decisions right know will change the outlook of their future.

Right now, there are high levels of deprivation and serious youth violence in Edmonton and beyond. With the addition of a reduction in extracurricular youth work throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, the need for projects like Stronger Edmonton has increased. The importance of young people engaging in activities and being provided with specialised wellbeing support is hugely overlooked when it is desperately needed.

Contact Isra at [email protected] if you have any enquiries about this project.

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