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There are many different cultures and communities in Edmonton, and it is part of what makes it wonderful. However, sometimes new arrivals to our community who do not speak English as a first language struggle with social integration. ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) courses are designed to help with speaking English, whilst Family Learning is about ensuring parents can keep up with their children’s studies.

Consultation carried out with a sample of groups from Edmonton schools found 78% of parents were not confident about speaking English and 76% said they would be interested in attending ESOL at their local school. When new arrivals and non-English speakers arrive in this country, they can feel socially isolated and do not always access the support they are entitled to due to poor English and a lack of confidence in integrating with the local community

That’s why we’ve subsidised several courses available through Barnet and Southgate College to help make them more accessible. They include ESOL, Paediatric First Aid and Keeping Up With The Children (English & Maths). These important courses are now available to more parents and families, supporting them as they learn and thrive in our community.

Contact Maria at [email protected] if you have any enquiries about this project.

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