Previous Projects

Learn more about some of the projects we have previously run.

Mind Over Matter

A one-day theatre workshop designed to build resilience through creativity! Aiming to provide  the benefits of drama and teamwork.

Family, Fun & Fitness

Staying active as a team. We’ve been helping make weekly swimming and Zumba classes for families in Edmonton available for free. 

Children's University

Encouraging and celebrating extra-curricular activity to develop a love of learning in our children.

Cooking & Enterprise

We taught our kids about the business of healthy eating, from cooking in the kitchen to selling in the boardroom!

Art Project

Young and old came together to produce art pieces celebrating diversity in our vibrant community.

Speech Bubbles

A national programme that supports child development through the power of drama and storytelling.

Gangs: Making the Right Choices 2020

Our decisions will affect our future. This combination of dramatic performance and reflective workshops has been designed to show our young people just that.

Edmonton Glee

Our annual celebration of Edmonton’s talent. After 18 weeks of performance lessons, our kids compete in a grand final for a special prize.

Gangs: Making the Right Choices 2017-2019

Helping children understand the risks of gang-related crime and the potential repercussions of their choices.


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