What if we could provide emotional and wellbeing support to the most vulnerable children in Edmonton? During the pandemic and immediate aftermath, it was widely reported that more people were suffering with poor mental health than ever before; our schools reported that this was evident across the whole schools network - pupils who had lost learning, had been bored/disengaged at home, were unused to socialising and the youngest children not ready to start school. Schools needed to support pupils' emotional needs if they were to achieve their educational potential.

This project began in 2022 but has received top-up funding to continue into 2024 due to the ongoing need and positive impact. It is a partnership with schools and the Wellbeing Connect Service (WCS), based in Edmonton. Schools can refer families to the WCS whom they believe will benefit from a mental health assessment, they will then be supported to access ongoing support from the NHS or will work with the WCS, addressing the whole family's needs. Some of these school pupils will then be assigned to a mentor via WCS or ECP to have ongoing support in and out of school as part of a group and 1:1 sessions. This support is reportedly seeing improved behaviour in school, improved educational outcomes and is ensuring the whole family is more aware of health services available to them and how to manage their own wellbeing at home/work/school.
The project is funded by the local NHS (North Central London Integrated Care Board) who have identified several areas of concern in the north London boroughs that they oversee. One area is the increase of mental health related admissions of young black people, especially male. This project addresses barriers that this population may face in accessing mental health support and aims to offer early interventions through youth mentoring and early assessments of young people referred from schools. The project has also included:  aspirational school visits (careers and authors) and workshops to improve young pupils' outlooks and show them different career pathways open to them and some catch-up numeracy classes - falling behind in school leads to low self-esteem and disengagement, affecting mental health. We have also offered staff training across all schools and community awareness events to support local people to look after their mental health and wellbeing. As well as the Wellbeing Connect Service our main partner is Mr Numbervator who is running our catch-up numeracy classes in schools across Edmonton, working with targeted young people and addressing educational inequalities along with mental health and wellbeing.

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