"If not us, who?": Recap of Edmonton's Community Gathering to support our children.

This past Tuesday, the Edmonton Community Partnership orchestrated a gathering that could very well mark the beginning of a transformative era for our children, young people, and their families in Edmonton/Enfield. On the evening of the 27th of February, a diverse collective of over 55 local community leaders, organizations, health professionals, council officers, education professionals, senior police officers, and community members, both young and old, convened with a common purpose: to collaboratively improve the impact we have on the lives we are entrusted to guide and nurture.

The meeting was not just a conversation but a loud call of passion, honesty, and hope for the future of our young people. With the pressing question, "If not us, who?" floating in the room, the response was unanimous and inspiring. Egos and hierarchies were set aside at the door, paving the way for building a foundational Purposeful Plan. This plan is our map to sharing information, resources, intelligence, and truly understanding what is available for the children and young people in our area.

While we acknowledge the absence of some key voices who need to be at the table next time, the energy to move forward is palpable. The follow-up meeting is already on the horizon, scheduled for the week beginning March 18th at Pymmes Park Visitors Centre. This next session is our opportunity to translate the energy from the last meeting into tangible strategies and actions.

This is more than a mere sequence of events; it's a burgeoning movement. A movement that not only questions but also acts, that not only dreams but also delivers. Let's carry forward this momentum, knowing that when we ask ourselves, "If not us, who?" we stand ready with an answer: "It is us, together."

And so, we look ahead, hopeful and determined. Let's see what unfolds next.