Gangs: Making the Right Choices 2017-2019

We held workshops across our schools to help our kids become more aware of the risks of involvement in gangs. Edmonton has a very high rate of gun-and-knife crime when compared to the national average, and this is often due to gang-related crime. In these workshops a local police officer, a member of the ambulance service and an ex-gang member came together to help pupils better identify risks to personal safety and the repercussions of gang involvement.

Together, this team gave a complete picture of the reality of gang involvement. The police officer explained the legal repercussions of gang related crime, and the profound effect these offences can have on the perpetrator, the victim and their loved ones. The Ambulance service provided information about the severity of knife injuries, illustrating the medical impact and real-life consequences for young people that have suffered knife crime. The ex-gang member spoke about the harsh realities of being in a gang and answered questions about their experience. 

We have reached over 300 local children with this project and the vast majority made significant progress towards making positive decisions.


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