Watching Dream, Believe, Succeed’s Theatre Show by Platinum Performing Arts

Last Thursday we had the privilege of watching Platinum Performing Arts perform their show Fairytale High at the Millfield Theatre. Created especially for our Dream, Believe, Succeed project and performed for our schools, Fairytale High reflects real life problems facing our students. A team of familiar fairy tale characters embark on a journey through the forbidden forest and face many modern challenges along the way! We watch as Cinderella, Moana, Snow White, Prince Charming and Pinocchio embark on a journey with many obstacles and difficult choices along the way.

©Natalie Gee

Platinum worked with a number of primary schools conducting workshops and listening to young students about the positive and negative situations in their lives. They used all of their input to create a fun and accessible play that presents these situations back to them. The show demonstrates that whatever behaviour a young person may be engaging in, there's always a deeper story. This play is a great example of what the 'Dream, Believe, Succeed' project is all about as we are committed to listen to, inspire and enable the full potential of young people in the community. It was shown to over 1,200 students across 4 performances, with some fantastic feedback from our students and teachers. It was great to see everyone giving their all and amazing to hear that it was rehearsed within just 4 days! Thank you to all who took part and helped create this show.